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Areas of Application

Multi-layered quality control system for reassured manufacturing

In an effort to support numerous industrial fields, the essential characteristics of our Membrane Matrix products are quality stability, advanced durability and consistent safety performance. WEVER INDIA promotes continuous improvement by rigorous process management, physical property control, standardized work processes, thorough quality education, rapid customer feedback, and a PDCA cycle aimed at superior quality control. WEVER INDIA’s reputation for quality has been achieved through a multi-layered quality control system that is performed without compromise or omission.

Quality & Policy

As a manufacturer of sheets for industrial materials, we adhere to a quality policy focused on improved customer satisfaction and our contributions to society.

  • Provide products that meet the requests of customers
  • Continuously improve our quality management system
  • Comply with all laws and regulations

Various Analysis / Measurements / Evaluation Tests To Ensure Reliability

Tablet Test

Fire prevention standards vary by country and by application. We inspects the flameproof capacity of its products in accordance with numerous standards.

Exposure Test

By exposing a product sample to wind, rain and sunlight over a long period of time, we can examine any changes in its external appearance.

Accelerated Weathering Test

Using the Accelerated Weather Tester, findings comparable to those resulting from a few years of outdoor exposure, can be collected in a shorter time period.

Meas. of Physical Properties

Physical properties such as the strength and elongation of a product are measured.